From Concrete to Canvas

Arron Bird first picked up a can of spray paint at the age of 11 years to create his first painting, 'Street Level'. 24 years later, Arron is now known by his tag, Temper. He is critically acclaimed as the most naturally gifted graffiti artist of his generation.

Initially a grave digger, Temper believed that his heart was with painting. His break came in 2001, when he was selected to design and produce the coat to 100 million Sprite cans. Temper's work was then seen across Europe in what became the biggest graffiti advertising campaign to date.

Temper's career was propelled to new heights, going on to undertake commissions for Coca-Cola, Saatchi and Saatchi and the BBC. His "Minuteman" exhibition at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, (2001) made art history. Temper was the first graffiti artist to be awarded a solo show in a major public gallery space, which went on to break all attendance records in the process.

In 2007, alongside award winning designer Ken Shuttleworth, Temper was commissioned to create a major piece of public art for Birmingham's next landmark building, The Cube. Temper's art will adorn the central atrium to the building.

Temper's 'A New Day' collection marked the beginning of a new chapter for the prolific artist, as he moved towards traditional fine art, despite his work still being painted with aerosol.

In November 2008, such a move majorly advanced with the launch of his Post Graphelite Collection at the Banqueting House, Whitehall Palace, London. This tenth collection of works by Temper is one of studied expert use of symbolism, astrology, Pre Raphaelite idealisms and a desire to herald the advancement of graffiti, brought together with spectacular impact.