Phil Tufnell

I love art. In fact, it’s a close call between art and cricket! It’s fantastic to get down to my studio , where I’ve got everything I need and I get tons of inspiration.
I think people are sometimes surprised that art is my thing. I got an O level in art at school (my only one – I was too busy playing cricket!) and my Dad was a silversmith, so there’s a history of creativity in my family. I even worked with my Dad for a while when I was turning professional, and I loved it.

I’m not a landscape water-colourist or anything – you won’t bump into me and my easel on a country walk! Instead, I love to work in abstract art and with different techniques. My studio is full of spray-paint cans, because I really like the effects I can create. 

I’ve had some exhibitions already, and sold some of my paintings for charity, and it’s great to be able to do that – and to know that people are happy to hang my work in their homes! This latest collection is really exciting for me, because it’s so personal – and can’t wait to meet everyone at the launch event and see what they think of the Tuff Cat art.
Is art related to cricket? Who knows? I had team-mates who brought sketch pads with them on tour, and you’ve got to have a good eye to be an international bowler, so perhaps there’s something in it. All I know is that I loved my cricket career and I love the TV career I have now – and those things have given me the time and confidence to get on with letting my arty side express itself!


I really hope you like the Tuff Cat collection as much as I do – I’ve really enjoyed working on it, and I’ve got some surprises up my sleeve for the future!