• Shaun Gagg Metamorphic EclipseShaun Gagg Metamorphic EclipseShaun Gagg Metamorphic Eclipse
    Shaun Gagg Metamorphic Eclipse

    Shaun Gagg Metamorphic Eclipse

    By Shaun Gagg

    This stunning steel and stacked slate sculpture consists of 2 steel circles one inside the other.

    The larger circle is filled with stacked slate which incorporates the start of a double helix shape leading onto the empty circle implying infinity.


    Please note that the pebble mosaic that the sculpture is standing on is not part of the sculpture - it is for display purposes only.

    This sculpture weighs 150kg, so please consider access to your property before ordering as a small hoist would be required to place it in situ.

    Delivery costs will be dependent on your address 

    Stacked slate and steel sculpture, 1m diameter, the sculpture can be bolted to a flat stone base or bolted directly to a pre existing paved area or plinth.

    Due to the heavy weight of the sculpture please contact us for delivery and installation options.

    • Size:
    • Medium:
      Stacked Slate and Steel Sculpture
    • Availability:
      Turner Fine Arts

    Shipping & Delivery

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