• Gary O'Neil Ding! Dong!

    Gary O'Neil Ding! Dong!

    By Gary O'Neil

    This is an original framed piece created using acrylic spray paint and mixed media applied to canvas on board.

    This collection of paintings was conceived after considering the title ‘Hybrid’. The works contain images appropriated from various cultural sources and they have been used by the artist as ‘signs’ to intimate rather than impose various concepts. This borrowing of cultural material in its many guises is not a new phenomenon but is part of art history.The paintings are intentionally ambiguous which will inevitably mean they will be misread by the viewer who will form their own interpretation or meaning. This interaction is what makes the work personal and promotes a new discussion. Like lyrics in songs the paintings can be interpreted by the viewer according to their personal experiences.

    • Medium:
      mixed media applied to canvas on board
    • Availability:
      Turner Fine Arts

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