Kieran Crowder Here Lies Project launches end of the month

Kieran Crowder Here Lies Project launches end of the month



Kieran Crowder began to make paintings from bones over thirty years ago in a serious effort to discern a new relationship with the real.

The bones were acquired from a crematorium where the artist worked as a teenager, fragments rescued from furnace leftovers produced by the Saturday morning clean-out and he felt that something universal might be wrought from these elements.

For over thirty years in secret, Kieran has worked on Here Lies alongside his other paintings that became his public face, the beautiful Heads and other figurative work for which he is best known.

Now it is time to introduce his project to the world, and he is on the lookout for help.

For Kieran seeks bones: lots of bones. Specifically these would be cremated remains just like the ones he has used so far, to be deployed in artworks that right now are just bare concepts. Potential contributors include anyone with ashes to spare for whatever reason, or individuals sufficiently persuaded by Kieran’s work to want to be part of it - literally - in the future.

In the past, theoretical aspects of Here Lies formed part of Kieran’s post-graduate research at the Royal College of Art, where he was Mechtild Nawiasky Memorial prizewinner in 1995 and also an occasional lecturer. These were a continuation of interests first explored at the University of York, where Kieran earned his BA in philosophy in 1991