Todd Goldman

Californian born artist, Todd Goldman has emerged from the US as a quirky doodle pop genius with a rather humorous personality. Todd's vibrant yet simple pieces of art derived from his doodles as a young school kid with an eccentric imagination.



Todd’s artwork has been named in comparison with the likes of Andy Warhol, Robert Lichtenstein and Keith Haring. He has had much success in the US with his colourful doodles, having sold to many high profile celebrities. A few of who are; Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Paul McCartney, Paris Hilton & Jessica Simpson.

Since the inception of Todd's work as an artist, he has earned much publicity through the media through his controversial slogans and accusations of plagiarism. Todd had been quite amused at these allegations and exercised these to an extent which bought even more attention to himself. Todd’s harmless personality enjoyed the spotlight and felt all the publicity paid him well.

Before the success of Todd's canvas works, he had been responsible for the original designs of global giant, David and Goliaths t-shirt's. 

All in all, he has made his mark within the US and now has his eyes fixed on the UK.