Sabina Pieper

Sabina works on paper which is a medium best suited to capture the first draft of an idea, i.e. something fleeting and still progressing. Paper therefore offers a surface for an artistic process that is reflected in an immediate way, allowing change and release from rigidity.

Sabina uses an array of materials and techniques in each of her paintings. Collage, drawing and painting provide texture, layers and complexity to the surface of each composition in which everyday items such as plastic bags and packaging tape mingle with images found on the internet and in magazines.

Like an exquisite game of hide and seek, Sabina creates artwork that immediately draws you in, yet keeps you looking. The central figures - powerful women, keenly wrought - invite company, but share the space with creatures and objects from the exotic to the ordinary. These women are not set in a certain time frame but exist eternally.

Her unique images invite repeated viewing; inviting and yet challenging, calling and yet creating distance. Analogous of the journey into the unknown, the eternal quest for knowledge or fulfilment, Sabina’s work offers us a unique and compelling vision of the beauty and depth in us all.