Mark Goodman

Mark was born in Birmingham in 1966. While not particularly arty at school, he enjoyed building models from Airfix, Lego and Meccano – materials he still sometimes uses in his work today. After years of putting his own stamp on such models and taking things apart and putting them back together, he found it more enjoyable and satisfying to create his own models from imagination rather than using kits.

He became interested in the steampunk genre of art because it draws influences from the fantasy and science fiction he enjoys and also because there are no hard and fast rules – he is free to utilise his own creativity. His day job as a dental technician inspired him to create his first truly original work – a set of poison detecting dentures.

Mark sources his materials from ‘anywhere and everywhere’. Many items are bought from second hand shops, internet auctions and car boot sales and Mark also collects broken metal household appliances, scrap metal such as car parts and other junk that would otherwise go to landfill. He never goes for a run without taking a backpack to scavenge items. Working from the garage at his home in Birmingham, Mark re-models and re-purposes these items into beautiful and intriguing works of art.

Mark is currently working on a new collection and is looking forward to unveiling this very soon.