Kieran Crowder Here Lies


Art for the era of 'post-truth'?

Here Lies is Kieran Crowder’s defining art project, worked on episodically over a period of thirty years, and still ongoing. At its heart is a series of paintings that are publicised here for the very first time. Characterised by Kieran as 'thinking incarnate' or philosophy in concrete form, these paintings incorporate ashes acquired from a crematorium the artist worked at when he was a teenager in the 1970s.

The ashes were rescued from the general furnace waste produced by the Saturday morning clean-out, and were usually buried round the back of the crematorium building. Kieran felt that because these remains were everyone’s mixed together, they could be anybody’s: his own, indeed, or yours - a stand-in for something universal, and inspiration for a serious effort to discern a new relationship with the real.

Quietly over the decades since, Kieran has worked on Here Lies alongside the paintings that in its stead became his public face: the beautiful Heads and other figurative work for which is best known. But now it is time to introduce Here Lies to the world, for having named our era early on, Kieran needs to expand and develop his response to it. Moreover, to do this on the scale he envisages means that he is on the lookout for our help.

For Kieran seeks bones: lots of bones. Specifically these would be cremated remains just like the ones he has used so far, to be deployed in artworks that right now are just bare concepts. Potential contributors include anyone with ashes to spare for whatever reason, or individuals sufficiently persuaded by Kieran’s work to want to be part of it - literally - in the future.

In the past, theoretical aspects of Here Lies formed part of Kieran’s post-graduate research at the Royal College of Art, where he was Mechtild Nawiasky Memorial prizewinner 1995 and also visiting lecturer. These were continuation of interests first explored at the University of York, where Kieran earned his BA in philosophy 1991.

The paintings of Here Lies are represented exclusively by the artist's old friend Stephen Turner at Turner Fine Arts in Birmingham, England.

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