Joanna Ladowska

{Joanna Ladowska}

In her own words Joanna says, ‘I can draw everything’ – that’s the immediate response I give to everyone who asks me about style or the medium I am in. Whatever it is - a portrait, landscape, abstract art or still-life - in oils, acrylic, pencils or pastels, collage - drawn from life model, photograph, other piece of art or completely from my imaginary – nothing is a big deal for me. The only criterion is that it must exhilarate, cause a smile on someone’s face. All I do is for people, less for me, and certainly not for shelving it secretly away.

That is why drawing portraits gives me biggest pleasure - face details, eyes, hair. This is how I get to know people. I focus on eyes the most when drawing because I am more than sure that eyes are the mirror of spirit. The goal is to make them look alive. I always have high goals.

Being called a Commercial Artist is not a shame for me - big Masters were as well! Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt – all of them did commissions. Their well-known masterpieces – mostly were done for money. They were my first inspiration.

In my opinion art should be close to everyone who is open to it. I am just an intermediary. Whatever anybody wants from me – I can do it. This is why I practise so much - copy photographs, draw from life, use different mediums and also mix them. Someone may have his own vision of what he wants; I just give a shape to it. It only takes time.