Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas has been a professional sculptor since 1993 and rapidly gained international recognition for his three dimensional art, which has won him a string of awards during his career, including three international gold medals. His work has also garnered him high acclaim in the UK’s most prestigious exhibitions and academies, including the Royal West of England Academy, the Royal British Society of Artists, Mall Galleries London, Olympia London and Henley Festival.


By experimentation with form over many years, Andrew has progressively developed his understanding of three dimensional sculpture, naturally evolving his individual style of work to produce an extensive and diverse range of harmonious designs, in a number of series, all embodying the essence of their subject. His work is created originally in the beautiful tactile medium of wood and then cast in bronze using the lost wax method, in limited editions of 7, 9 and 12. The style of his forms are recognized for their elegant fusion of plane and contour, full of dynamic energy, graceful movement and emotional resonance, which sensitively breathe life into the spaces that they occupy.

Andrew undertakes the final finishing of the bronze surface to his own high standard, and then performs the patination procedure himself to add the unique colour and effects that he wishes each individual sculpture to resonate, importantly adding his creative fingerprint to every form.

Since 1994 Andrew has been writing articles for several publishers including the Guild of Master Craftsmen who recently commissioned him to write a book; ‘Learn to Cave in the Round’, published in October 2012 and available worldwide in 57 different countries.